Ennostar to Become No.1 Compound Semiconductor Investment Platform ShowcasesAdvanced Technologies at Touch Taiwan

Ennostar, in pursuit of its goal of becoming the “best compound semiconductor investment platform”, led its five subsidiaries, EPISTAR, Lextar Electronics, Unikorn Semiconductor, Yenrich Technology Corporation, and ProlightOptoto participate in Touch Taiwan from April 27 – 29. At the exhibition, the application fields the subsidiaries demonstrated went beyond from displays to automotive, sensing, special lighting, power component, and advanced compound semiconductor fields. In the themes ofsmart mobility, smart life, metaverse, and other popular future application fields, Ennostar group showed the technological progress in display with mini LED, micro LED, and other advanced display technologies to demonstrate the group’s comprehensiveand superior advantages.

The mini LED leader with advanced technology and great quality

nnostar’s leading LED technology and quality are the preference of global brands most of the time. In 2021, it became the main supplier of mini LED chips and backlightin the market.With the rising market demand ofmini LED, Ennostar has successively introduced mini LED chips and modules into famous displays and IT products and has become the forerunner of mini LED in the market. As a technology leader in the industry, Ennostar not only showed its mini LED COB and POB backlight technology with different technical contents in different products including automobiles, televisions, and IT products.It also demonstrated ultra-fine-pitch direct view display technologydeveloped by Yenrich Technology Corporation with flip-chip mini LED in 0404 package and special module technology to produce stunning 5-meter giant display with ultra-high color saturation and deep black. In addition, Yenrichpremiered its market-leading ultra-small flip-chip mini LED in 1111 package, with IC inside to make a delicate transparent screen with ultra-high brightness and transparency which is ideal for window displays in shopping malls.

A giant leap for micro LED mass production

AfterEnnostar has realized mass production of mini LED, the possibility ofreplicating that successful model for its micro LED products is highly concerned. Recently, Ennostar has joined forces with two major panel groups in Taiwan through private investment project to concentrate the strengths of Taiwan’s supply chain and accelerate mass production of micro LED products in itsvying to outstrip the top display market. The alliance of the three major groups is not just an empty talk. In this exhibition, Ennostar actually integrated the R&D capabilities and technologies of its three subsidiaries—EPISTAR, Lextar, and Unikorn to bring the cutting-edge products.EPISTARwould not hold its low profile in the micro LED field anymore and has set up a private micro LED area to showcase its larger, high uniformity RGB COW (Chip on Wafer) and 8” GaN on Silicon, which are closer to mass production than its peers are. In addition, the private area also had a number of key technologies that can solve the bottlenecks in micro LED mass production and showed high-contrast micro LED displays which is developed in cooperation with its strategic partners. Lextar Electronics premiered the world’s first micro LED technology with microchip in package and transfer technology; its exhibition area displayed the world’s smallest micro-die package with R/G/B micro LED with active driver, a technology that not only greatly reduces the complexity of module design, but also reduces energy consumption by more than 20%. Furthermore, the visual performance is finer in detail than that of general micro LED products. Another 5.1-inch transparent micro LED display is the result of another collaboration between Lextar and X Display, which adopts RGB micro LED chips andmicro driver IC that are combined with a transparent glass substrate. Itstransmittance is greater than 70% and brightness can reach 3000 nits. Unikorn, which mainly provides micro LED OEM services, showcased its high-standard process platform for micro LED.

Prospects of Integrating Fields other than Displays

Market demand and trends suggest that displays are not just products, but crucial elements that need to be connected closer to real life. Besides display technologies such as mini LED and micro LED, the Ennostar integrated exhibition area also extended the group’s focus on automotive, sensing, and special lighting. In the area of sensing, EPISTAR starts from a full-band product line, ranging from near infrared to short-wave infrared (SWIR), to demonstrate its flexible design that can meet the diverse demands from customers in security monitoring systems, physiological data detection, and industrial sensing; Lextar has demonstrated a more complete module solution through dynamic gesture control and facial recognition. In the automotive field, through collaboration with strategic partners, Ennostar showcased a number of automotive mini LED backlightdisplays and micro LED high-penetration Head-Up-Displays (HUDs), thereby heralding the advent of the future multi-screen automotive world. Also, as thehigh power and customized LED packaging company,ProlightOpto also displayed a variety of high-standard interior and exterior LED products that have been introduced to the market.

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