About Yenrich

Yenrich Technology Corp. is a subsidiary of Ennostar, focuses on the development of miniaturized LED technology for small-pitch displays, and provides customers with integrated solutions from front-end chips to back-end system applications.

2012 Chip Scale Package

Yenrich has been developing and selling Chip Scale Package (CSP) from 2012 and introduced it to the products of many international famous companies successfully.

2017 Mini LED/Micro LED

Started to invest in the new generation of Mini LED and Micro LED displays. As the miniaturization market gradually grew up, Yenrich was spun off from Epistar as an independent company.

2021 Next-generation display technology expert

Specialization on different products strategy,Yenrich became a subsidiary company from Lextar Electronics. With resource from Ennostar Group and support of customers, Yenrich is expected to become a leading company for next generation display.

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