Mangement Profile

Yenrich Technology Corp. is a subsidiary of Ennostar


Terry Tang

Dr. Terry Tang obtained his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from National Tsing Hua University in Taiwan in 1996 and immediately entered the LED industry. He has worked at several companies, including United Epitaxy, Epitech, South Expitaxy and EPISTAR. He joined Lextar in 2008 and has led the expansion of the backlight business and gained extensive experience in advanced display technology research and market development. Dr. Terry Tang possesses a deep understanding of the global display market and supply chain dynamics. In 2023, he has become active in his role as Chairman of Yenrich, where he devised development strategies and plans, committed to creating high-quality display solutions that integrate front-end chips with back-end system applications. He is guiding the company to become a leading expert in next-generation display technologies.


Frank Hsu

Frank Hsu joined display industry after graduating from the Institute of Electrical Engineering of Central University in 1994. With working experience in HUALON MICROELECTRONICS CORP., Unipac Optoelectronics. , and AUO, he was assigned to Briview Corporation (Darwin Precisions Cprporation), a subsidiary of AUO as a sales and marketing head on panel related products development and system integration business. With almost 30 years experience in Display industry, Frank joined Lextar Electronics in 2020 to develop the potential business value of LED display. In 2021, he officially assigned to general manager of Yenrich Technology Corp., and took the important task for promoting LED Display on small-pitch business.

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