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Company Profile

Yenrichg Technology Corp is a leading manufacturer of micro-assembly (µ-Assembly) solutions, providing flexible customized R&D and design services from die, packaging to modules according to customer needs.

Main Goods/Service Items

R&D, design and production of new LED packages and Mini LED modules.

Yenrich Technology Corp. is a leading brand of LED in the world, specializing in the research and development of LED miniaturization and ultra-fine pitch display screen related technologies. Reference on the process of semiconductor, Yenrich developes its own technology to complete whole process from mass transfer on LED chips, bonding, inspection and repairing. With the smallest pitch and smallest RGB Led package in the world, Yenrich is aiming to create the new application for RGB small pitch dispaly industry.

Salary and Benefits
Salary / Bonus
  • Market-competitive monthly salary.
  • Three-section bonus, year-end performance bonus
  • Annual salary adjustment according to each employees peformance.
Employee Insurance
  • Labor insurance, health insurance.
  • Free employee group insurance, including life insurance, accident insurance, hospitalization medical insurance, and cancer medical insurance.
Leave System
  • Full paid annual leave.
  • Sick leave, maternity leave
  • Paternity leave and family care leave.
  • Menstrual leave for female colleagues.
  • Supervisory leave for supervisory position.
Welfare Subsidy
  • Wedding gold, maternity allowance, funeral condolences, hospitalization condolences.
  • Birthday gift money, three festival gift money.
  • Special store discounts.
  • The Welfare Committee organizes employee activities from time to time; there are also various club activities
  • Staff restaurants, convenience stores, cozy small shops and coffee bars
  • Leisure facilities
  • Parking lot for employees.
  • The professional occupational medical services from health center
  • Considerate Mommy Nursing Room
  • Visually Impaired Massage Service
Suggestion Box
  • General manager mailbox
  • Employee Opinion Mailbox
  • Sexual Harassment Complaint Mailbox
  • Lounge Mailbox

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